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Partner Charities

Loyal customers get to spend their  Loyal dollars on various projects from aid organizations and charities registered with Loyal. Visit our Partner Charities page to read about our Loyal aid and charity partners.

When you order a gift we allocate your  dollars to the appropriate project, allowing the specific item to be purchased.  For ease of administration, one bulk payment will be made to each beneficiary charity during the first week of each month. This will cover gifts redeemed up to and including the last day of the previous month. Your gift will be acknowledged by our partner charities once the payment is received by them.


Blue Light


Blue Light is a youth charity which has worked in partnership with the New Zealand police and community for over 30 years with the aim of preventing Kiwi young people becoming a victim or perpetrator of crime.

Through 74 branches the charity runs ‘TradeZone Kids Gone Fishing’ with its patron Graeme Sinclair, Bryan & Bobby, Rainbows End Fun Days, PCT Fear Factor, Driver Licencing Programs, Youth Mentoring, publishes a series of handbooks for Teenagers and their parents as well as providing residential Life Skills camps run in partnership with the New Zealand Defence Force.

In addition each local Blue Light branch runs events specific to their areas needs such as drug and alcohol education, holiday programs, after school care, camps for young victims of sexual assault, youth justice programs, kayaking, truancy and anti-graffiti programs, sports & family fun days, and a whole variety of events all aimed to build positive relationships between young people, the police, parents and the community.


Read more about Blue Light

Orphans Aid International


Started by Kiwi mum Sue and husband Carl van Schreven, Orphans Aid International have grown to care for and rescue orphans and the poor around the world.

Orphans Aid programs include:

  • Rescuing orphans in Romania
  • Saving street children in India
  • Refuge for children in Bhutan
  • Bringing joy to orphans in Russia
  • Preventing abandonment in Uganda

Read more about Orphans Aid International



Tearfund partner with local community organisations around the world to help provide local solutions to poverty and the challenges they face, to bring about real change in the lives of people most in need.

With these partners we:

  • Nourish communities with life’s essentials.
  • Protect the vulnerable from exploitation.
  • Restore hope and peace after disaster strikes.
  • Sponsor children in need.
  • Empower people to help themselves.
  • We support and advocate for people in need, regardless of race, gender, religion, nationality or sexual orientation.

Read more about Tearfund