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Indonesia 2018 Tsunami & Earthquake Appeal


What's happened

  • Walls of water up to 6m high and a magnitude 7.5 earthquake have wreaked havoc.
  • Search and rescue teams are having difficulty accessing worst-hit areas. 
  • The death toll is more than 2000, with thousands more still feared missing

How Tearfund are helping

Families will be traumatised, missing loved ones, hungry, and thirsty. Many will be terrified as aftershocks continue to rattle them. They’re in urgent need of help. Tearfund’s partner continues to respond and is unaffected by the recent announcement by the Indonesian Government for foreign aid agencies to leave the area. Our response will continue as normal.

This is because Tearfund’s model is to support and empower the work of locally based partners and our partner in Sulawesi is a local Indonesian-registered aid agency. All staff are Indonesians and are permitted to respond to the needs in the affected areas. 

Put your Loyal dollars to work - Gift yours here

  • Provide emergency first aid and lifesaving medical care
  • Provide tents, medicine and equipment to care for the sick and traumatised
  • Homes, hospitals, bridges, water and power supplies have been badly damaged or completely destroyed - we need help to get to the worst effected areas, “Most people will work where the media gathers [and provides international attention], but we have a heart to focus on the people who are hardest to reach”. Tearfund's partner in Sulawesi.