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2016 End of Financial Year Redemption Gifts

Financial year end is traditionally a time for stock-take and sales.

Loyal's business model does not lend itself to sales - we don't have any margin to play with as all profits are donated to our charities.  Instead we have made it a time to give away Loyal dollars which have been sitting in members accounts for a while.

We wrote to these members giving them the option to redeem, continue to save or allow us to redeem on their behalf.
As a result of this we have had our largest charity gifting month in February and will surpass this in March with the auto-redemptions. 

Thanks for your support!

Blue Light

 Gift  Number of Donations 
 Bryan and Bobby Activity Books   10 
 Life Skills Camp (1 day attendance)
 Rainbows End Fun Day  2 

 Orphans Aid International

 Gift  Number of Donations 
 Medical Help
 Clothing Pack
 Discretionary Fund
 Feed a child for a week 26 
 Fruit & Veges for a Month
 Romania Orphan's Farm 11 
 Romania Orphan's Home Expansion


 Gift Number of Donations 
 Small business loan

 Farmer training

 Disaster relief - Emergency food

 Pair of sandals 
 Newborn care

 Toilet system

 Water filter
 Educating Women to read and write
 Immunization for a child 11 
 Anti human-trafficking
 Syrian Emergency appeal 10 
 Tools, seed, water pumps, training