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When you buy fair trade goods from Loyal, you decide where the profits go.


Buy our Fair Trade products from around the world.

These unique products are handcrafted by economically disadvantaged producers from poor and developing countries and make fantastic gifts.


Keep the profits in the form of Loyal Dollars

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one NZ$ = one Loyal dollar.


Spend your Loyal dollars with our partner charities

Select gifts from the various projects, aid organizations and charities registered with Loyal.

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2016 End of Financial Year Redemption Gifts

Financial year end is traditionally a time for stock-take and sales.

Loyal's business model does not lend itself to sales - we don't have any margin to play with as all profits are donated to our charities.  Instead we have made it a time to give away Loyal dollars which have been sitting in members accounts for a while.

We wrote to these members giving them the option to redeem, continue to save or allow us to redeem on their behalf.
As a result of this we have had our largest charity gifting month in February and will surpass this in March with the auto-redemptions. 

Thanks for your support!

Blue Light

 Gift  Number of Donations 
 Bryan and Bobby Activity Books   10 
 Life Skills Camp (1 day attendance)
 Rainbows End Fun Day  2 

 Orphans Aid International

 Gift  Number of Donations 
 Medical Help
 Clothing Pack
 Discretionary Fund
 Feed a child for a week 26 
 Fruit & Veges for a Month
 Romania Orphan's Farm 11 
 Romania Orphan's Home Expansion


 Gift Number of Donations 
 Small business loan

 Farmer training

 Disaster relief - Emergency food

 Pair of sandals 
 Newborn care

 Toilet system

 Water filter
 Educating Women to read and write
 Immunization for a child 11 
 Anti human-trafficking
 Syrian Emergency appeal 10 
 Tools, seed, water pumps, training