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Indonesia 2018 Tsunami & Earthquake Appeal


What's happened

  • Walls of water up to 6m high and a magnitude 7.5 earthquake have wreaked havoc.
  • Search and rescue teams are having difficulty accessing worst-hit areas. 
  • The death toll is more than 2000, with thousands more still feared missing

How Tearfund are helping

Families will be traumatised, missing loved ones, hungry, and thirsty. Many will be terrified as aftershocks continue to rattle them. They’re in urgent need of help. Tearfund’s partner continues to respond and is unaffected by the recent announcement by the Indonesian Government for foreign aid agencies to leave the area. Our response will continue as normal.

This is because Tearfund’s model is to support and empower the work of locally based partners and our partner in Sulawesi is a local Indonesian-registered aid agency. All staff are Indonesians and are permitted to respond to the needs in the affected areas. 

Put your Loyal dollars to work - Gift yours here

  • Provide emergency first aid and lifesaving medical care
  • Provide tents, medicine and equipment to care for the sick and traumatised
  • Homes, hospitals, bridges, water and power supplies have been badly damaged or completely destroyed - we need help to get to the worst effected areas, “Most people will work where the media gathers [and provides international attention], but we have a heart to focus on the people who are hardest to reach”. Tearfund's partner in Sulawesi.


Loyal Turns Three

5 June 2017

Loyal has turned three, trading since 5 June 2014 and we'd like to share a few statistics with you.

We have purchased products from artisans - supporting their families and communities - valued at over $101,593.00.

We have paid out to our charity partners a total of $20,485.00 with a further $7,878.00 still to be allocated by you, our Loyal customers!  For more details on the charity projects we have supported see the table below.

And the best news is that our sales and charity gifting is growing significantly year on year.

When we started we had 165 products from 28 artisans in 18 countries, and we sold only in NZ.  Today we have 391 products from 57 artisans in 22 countries, and we have customers in NZ, Australia, UK and USA.  Our top 3 sellers by volume and dollars are:

  1. Wool Felted Slippers from Mongolia - we have sold 664 pairs!
  2. Upcycled Metal Wall Art from Haiti Art with 264 pieces sold.
  3. Wooden Toys from Sri Lanka.

So, WELL DONE, and THANK YOU Loyal customers.

None of this is possible without you.

 Blue Light Gifts $ Gifted
 Bryan & Bobby Activity Books set   150.00 
 Life Skills Camp (1 day attendance) 1,180.00 
 Rainbows End Fun Day 150.00 
 Orphans Aid Gifts $ Gifted
 Medical Help 350.00 
 Clothing Pack 720.00 
 Discretionary Fund 2,836.00 
 Feed a child for a week 1,035.00 
 Fruit & Veges for a Month 560.00 
 Nepal Earthquake Appeal 60.00 
 Romania Orphan's Farm 2,792.00 
 Romania Orphan's Home Expansion 814.00 
 Tearfund Gifts $ Gifted
 Cyclone Pam Emergency Relief 295.00 
 Small business loan 300.00 
 Farmer training 150.00 
 Disaster relief - Emergency food 340.00 
 Pair of sandals (83 pairs) 415.00 
 Newborn care 210.00 
 Calf 225.00 
 Nepal Quake Emergency Appeal 204.00 
 Toilet system 70.00 
 Water filter - safe water supply 600.00 
 Educating Women to read & write 320.00 
 Immunization for a child 500.00 
 Anti human-trafficking 3,211.00 
 Syrian Emergency appeal 2,031.00 
 Tools, seed, water pumps, training 250.00 
 Hurricane Matthew - Haiti 717.00 

Tour of New Zealand - Raising funds to help fight human trafficking with Tearfund

I'm inspired by the work that Tearfund are doing in anti-human trafficking, so I wanted to raise money for them as part of my participation in The Tour of New Zealand.
I am cycling the South Island tour which will cover 700kms in 7 days. I am covering all the costs of my ride so your donation goes to the cause of fighting this abhorrent trade.
Please help me help Tearfund by giving whatever you can. You can support me by:

700Kms over 7 days will mean I am working very hard for every dollar you commit. Thank you in advance for your encouragement and generosity, it means a lot!

Michael : Founding Trustee Loyal Charitable Trust

Update: As a team, we raised over $150,000.00 for Tearfund's fight against human trafficking

2016 End of Financial Year Redemption Gifts

Financial year end is traditionally a time for stock-take and sales.

Loyal's business model does not lend itself to sales - we don't have any margin to play with as all profits are donated to our charities.  Instead we have made it a time to give away Loyal dollars which have been sitting in members accounts for a while.

We wrote to these members giving them the option to redeem, continue to save or allow us to redeem on their behalf.
As a result of this we have had our largest charity gifting month in February and will surpass this in March with the auto-redemptions. 

Thanks for your support!

Blue Light

 Gift  Number of Donations 
 Bryan and Bobby Activity Books   10 
 Life Skills Camp (1 day attendance)
 Rainbows End Fun Day  2 

 Orphans Aid International

 Gift  Number of Donations 
 Medical Help
 Clothing Pack
 Discretionary Fund
 Feed a child for a week 26 
 Fruit & Veges for a Month
 Romania Orphan's Farm 11 
 Romania Orphan's Home Expansion


 Gift Number of Donations 
 Small business loan

 Farmer training

 Disaster relief - Emergency food

 Pair of sandals 
 Newborn care

 Toilet system

 Water filter
 Educating Women to read and write
 Immunization for a child 11 
 Anti human-trafficking
 Syrian Emergency appeal 10 
 Tools, seed, water pumps, training

Loyal Turns One

5 June 2015

It’s our first birthday! Loyal started trading 5 June 2014.

In the last 12 months Loyal has purchased tens of thousands of dollars of beautiful fair trade products handcrafted by economically disadvantaged producers from poor and developing countries.

This has helped:

  • Preventing children from abuse and entrapment into the sex industry
  • Preventing labour exploitation and abuse including child labour
  • Preserve a cultural legacy within communities
  • Recycling local materials
  • Support the poor in their own enterprise
  • Make us all a little more connected

Through the sale of these products to our customers, they have used their Loyal dollars (profit from their purchases) to give through our charity partners:

  • Clothing Pack for orphans in Romania
  • Farmer Training in Vanuatu
  • Feed a child for a week in Uganda
  • Provide Fruit & Veges for a Month in Russia, India, Romania
  • Disaster relief emergency food to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
  • Sandals to kids in Rural Philippines
  • Care to newborn babies in slums of India
  • A calf to provide dairy products in Afghanistan
  • Water filters for safe drinking water in Burkino Faso
  • Education women to read and write in Afghanistan
  • Immunization to children in India
  • Medical help for children in India
  • Rescue and restoration of women trafficked into the sex industry in SE-Asia well as supporting NZ at risk youth:

  • Sponsor NZ young people to attend Life Skills Camps
  • Supply activity books to NZ classes about road safety
  • Gift disadvantaged NZ kids a Rainbows End Fun Day well as supporting disaster recovery appeals:

  • Cyclone Pam Vanuatu
  • Earthquake Nepal

Our customer base and sales are continuing to grow which is both encouraging and exciting to think what we might achieve together in the next 12 months!

Loyal at Christmas Markets

10 Nov 2014

Loyal will have a stand at 3 up-coming events in Auckland:

North: Kingsway School Shopping Night.
6 November 6pm
100 Jelas Rd, Silverdale

West: Hobsonville Road Christmas Market Westgate Baptist Church
22 November 9am-1pm
67 Hobsonville Rd, West Harbour

Central: Crave Cafe Freedom Businesses event
6 December 3pm - 6pm
25 Mcdonald Street, Kingsland

This is a great opportunity to see the high quality of items from the Loyal store, so bring your friends along, say hi, and buy from our great range of unique products.

Joanne at the Kingsway Designer Christmas Shopping Night

Loyal Launch Party

15 Sep 2014

On Friday 12 September we, together with 80 friends and representatives from our partner charities, celebrated the official launch of Loyal Charitable Trust.

The weather was atrocious, but it was warm inside and we enjoyed hearing from Warren Sloss of Blue Light, Sue van Schreven of Orphans Aid, and Beth Harper of TEAR Fund about their charity aims and programs.

Orphans Aid founder Sue van Schreven (left) and Loyal founder Joanne Simpson

Michael presented the Loyal story from its start almost 3 years ago to launch. Guests were able to view our product range, and we had four prize draws with four lucky winners taking home our unique products – a soapstone chess set, a recycled rover tote bag, a set of world cushion covers, and a beautiful tree of life metal wall art!

Thanks to everyone who came along, and to our great kids for all their hard work in the days before, and on the evening.

Loyal Proudly Introduces - Sasha

8 Aug 2014

Loyal proudly introduces our latest artisan Sasha from India.  We are stocking a range of their:

Leather Shoulder bags Handbags and Wallets

Scarves and Stoles

Necklace Jewelry

Read more about the artisan: Sasha - India

Browse our range of Sasha Products

Loyal Member Gift Redemptions July

31 July 2014

During July, Loyal members redeem their Loyal dollars on gifts for the following beneficiary charities:

 Beneficiary Charities   Gift   Qty
 Orphans Aid International  Feed a child for a week 3
 Orphans Aid International  Clothing pack 1
 TEAR Fund   Newborn care within slums 1
 TEAR Fund  Vaccination for a child 1
 Orphans Aid International  Clothing Pack 1
 Orphans Aid International  Feed a child for a week 2
 Blue Light  Rainbows End Fun Day 1

 Read about our Loyal Beneficiaries.

Browse Gifts you can redeem your Loyal dollars on at Redeem Gift.

New Shipment Arrives (July)

20 Jul 2014


Loyal is proud to announce another shipment arrived into stock.

It contains:

  • 29 new products
  • from 3 new Artisan groups
  • from 2 new countries

 Check out our new products featured on our home page or browse our store by Latest Products.

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