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Tearfund is a faith-based aid and development organisation moved by a deep sense of compassion and justice.

We partner with local community organisations around the world to help provide local solutions to poverty and the challenges they face, to bring about real change in the lives of people most in need. With these partners we:

  • Nourish communities with life’s essentials.
  • Protect the vulnerable from exploitation.
  • Restore hope and peace after disaster strikes.
  • Sponsor children in need.
  • Empower people to help themselves.
  • We support and advocate for people in need, regardless of race, gender, religion, nationality or sexual orientation.

Tearfund and Loyal

“One of the best ways to partner with the poor is to buy their products. Loyal provides a wonderful platform to do that, while ensuring no one, and nothing, gets exploited along the way. It’s ethical, it's sustainable, it's dignified and it's simply good development. It supports the poor in their own enterprise and makes us all a little more connected. Well done Loyal!”

Ian McInnes: CEO TEAR Fund

NOURISH: Water, Health and Education

We believe everyone has a right to the basics of life, and consider water, health and education to be fundamental for living well. Our goal is to provide impoverished communities with these basic rights, enabling them to flourish and realize their potential.

We’re working through local organisations in poor communities to:

  • Improve access to water, education, and health services
  • Provide sanitation and hygiene training
  • Provide vocational training and youth-skills development

PROTECT: Anti-trafficking and Exploitation

Human trafficking is an organised criminal activity where people are deceived and coerces into slavery. The vast majority of victims are vulnerable women and children trapped in poverty, who are robbed of their freedom and dignity.

There are more people trapped in slavery today, than at any other time in human history.

We believe the exploitation of vulnerable people is a gross injustice and we’re fighting trafficking and slavery in South and Southeast Asia, through:

  • Facilitating prevention programmes in vulnerable communities
  • Rescue missions
  • Prosecuting trafficking offenders
  • Providing rehabilitation services to survivors

RESTORE: Disasters and Peacebuilding 

We have over 40 years’ experience working in disasters and conflicts around the world to prevent and alleviate death, human suffering and loss of livelihoods. 

We respond through the Integral Alliance: a global network of Christian organisations that collaborate and share resources to quickly and effectively help those in need.

 When a disaster or conflict hits, our typical response is to: 

  • Assess the situation
  • Provide immediate emergency relief supplies
  • Rebuild communities and restore livelihoods
  • Provide ongoing support
  • Build future resilience to disasters and conflict

SPONSOR: Child Sponsorship

We believe childhood is a basic human right and every child deserves to be loved, protected and released from poverty in Jesus' name.

By partnering with Compassion International, the funds from our child sponsorship programme directly impact sponsored children. It provides children with access to education and healthcare, nutrition and spiritual nourishment.

EMPOWER: Enterprise and Empowerment

We believe childhood is a basic human right and every child deserves to be loved, protected and released from poverty in Jesus' name. Tearfund empowers people to help themselves. We work through local organizations to provide vulnerable communities with the education and resources to become self-supporting.

This empowers communities to address the root causes of poverty through local and long-term solutions, leaving them with a sense of pride and achievement.

We empower people to make a living for themselves and their family by facilitating Self Help Groups (SHG) and farming cooperatives.