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"Tsagaan Alt" wool shop prides itself on the production and sale of high quality, fine wool and semi-fine Mongolian sheep products. All our products are completely handmade using traditional, environmentally friendly Mongolian handcraft techniques.  

The products are processed from highest quality raw materials sourced entirely within Mongolia and have undergone strict quality controls.

The Nooson Zangilaa Union coordinates production activities of the member cooperatives, carries out centralized procurement of raw materials and marketing.The entire profit made from sales of the products goes after deduction of the Union’s operational costs to the members of the producing cooperatives, thus supporting about 250 rural households.

Raw materials and fiber composition.  

Only new sheep wool is used for the production, cashmere is used for some knitted products. The Nooson Zangilaa Union buys fine and semi-fine new sheep from pre-selected herders. With some herders advance contract are made. All wool comes from the provinces of Mongolia mainly from Tov and Darkhan. While selecting the herders the management of the Union makes thorough inquiries about livestock conditions and feeding. The initial processing of raw wool and coloring is outsourced to a factory.

The Union’s Director Mrs Tsend-Oyush experiments to find natural colors from the plants available in Mongolia.

Quality Control. 

The Union ‘s goal is to achieve the highest quality standards. Thus, the entire production process is strictly regulated and monitored; starting from procurement of high quality wool, and completing with thorough control of the end product for which two employees of the Union are designated. If the defects are detected, the products are returned to the member cooperatives.

Among the members of the Union there is a NGO Wool Craft Supporting Centre which provides training in felt making and other wool related crafts. Any person wishing to become a member of a producing cooperative will first receive a thorough training. Capacity building trainings are organized regularly and are always fully booked.

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