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GHH is Sri Lanka’s Leading Fair Trade Manufacturer of crafted wooden toys.

Our mission is to optimize our contribution towards the national economy by adding value to Sri Lanka’s sustainable resources and to improve and uplift the living standards of our employees, producers and their communities.

Gospel House Handicrafts was established in 1977 in order to provide employment and training to the marginalized and semi-educated youth. Gospel House is situated in Madampe in the District of Puttalam. 

We are members of WFTO.

Product and Quality

We manufacture over 1000 designs in various categories such as puzzles, custom made wheel toys, build up toys and games, using child safe paints conforming to EU and US safety regulations and standards. We have over 40 years of experience in this field and are known for the quality of the wooden toys produced under Fair Trade conditions and international standards that comply with Europe and the US.

All toys are tested for safety, and paints are lead free. The product carries the paint certification.

How does an old tumble-dryer motor change lives?

In 1977, John Karunaratne had a dream to provide jobs for unemployed young men around Colombo, Sri Lanka. Using the motor from a broken tumble-dryer, donated by a local pastor, John made a wood-working lathe, and Gospel House Handicrafts was born. In the years since, his hard work has helped over 120 producers to provide for their families and communities. Sadly, John died in 1983, but he wanted the work to carry on. "God's people may go, but His work will continue" he told his family. So his elder son Shiran took over the business, and still runs it today. Shiran says "If by making a particular decision I can give work to even one person, then that is what I will do." Shiran recalls the words of his father "nothing is impossible with God".



At GHH we use Albizia wood for a large selection of our toys. This has many sustainable benefits as Albizia Falcataria is one of the fastest-growing trees in the world.
Growth records on good soil and high rainfall are as much as 7m in height in little more than a year. This makes it a great natural and sustainable resource in Sri Lanka that can help boost the national economy if used well. It is an extremely light but tough wood making it a perfect candidate for children toys.

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