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MINKA in Quechua means working together for the greater good of everyone and reflects a system of values that champion education and capacity building by defending quality, responsibility, opportunity, fulfilment, perseverance, creativity, solidarity and reciprocity.

All our alpaca products are 100% Pure Alpaca Fine Hair. Hand spun and hand knitted in Peru. All colours are natural tones of the alpaca – no dyes used. Knitted by artisans from a fair trade community near Juliaca, Southern Peru.

Alpaca has long been considered amongst the finest of fibres. Indeed, the Incas called it “the fibre of the gods”. 100% natural, hand (drop) spun and hand knitted or woven, these beautiful soft items will keep you fashionable, ethical, all natural as well as snuggly and warm.

Alpaca is extremely soft and the filaments are 3 times stronger and have an insulating capacity 7 times that of ordinary lambs wool. The fibre creates very warm and cosy garments, the delicate cloud of filaments making it almost silky and very soft to touch.

The alpaca fibre comes in more than 52 natural colours, as classified in Peru. Different colours of the fibre are knitted using a drop stitch method to make the beautiful patterned stripes through the garment.

As white alpaca fibre is easily dyed, coloured stock of the alpaca have depleted over the time. In order to protect and maintain coloured alpaca stock, our fair trade partner MINKA undertook the development project of preserving the natural coloured alpaca through production of these beautiful items.

MINKA Fair Trade has had the aim of combating poverty in Peru for over three decades. Founded in 1976, they were the first Peruvian organization to engage in fair trade and have been an active member of the World Fair Trade Organization since its creation in 1991. MINKA helped to organize over 3,000 producers democratically and presently work to facilitate sustainable development practices in marginalized areas of Peru.

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