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After 8 years of trading, we have now closed. We have had fun over the years, sourcing interesting, fairly-produced goodies, and bringing them to New Zealand for you to share. We have enjoyed being able to support artisans and their families in developing countries, together with our NZ charity partners.
However, Covid has changed things for everyone, and we now find we are unable to continue trading. In the last 2 years it has been difficult to purchase goods of acceptable quality and receive them in a timely manner, difficult (near impossible during lockdowns) to arrange shipping and manage the huge price increases, just to get goods to NZ.

Bio ImagineArte

"The Art of Recycling"

Every product you buy, helps change consumer approach and waste impact.

The founders of BIO Imaginarte take the mantra “Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle” to heart. The focus of BIO when it began in 1992 was educating Mexico in the need to protect and restore the environment.

The materials we use ensure that earth and all its species may count on a suitable environment and a sufficient space to live.  It is imperative to live a life of quality.  As long as we maintain the natural resources we were provided with, we can better maintain our world.

The products from our Bio work shops incorporate secondary materials.  This means re-used products/recycled materials, which have proven to hold great purpose.  When we recycle, we enhance the quality of life.  By using these materials, we avoid having the aforementioned materials ending up wasted.  Including the techniques and traditions of hand crafting to preserve and increase the artisanal culture, Bio-Imaginarte works for a cause:  the world and all its inhabitants.  Through the years, many hand made goods have been substituted by mass assembly line production with the use of machines.  We, Bio-Imaginarte, make an effort to combat the main cause of environmental deterioration in the world, in addition to poverty.  This promotes that people, instead of machines, have an income-based work, while giving our world its proper care.

Our staff consists of a wonderful group of people living in Ranchos off the country side.  They come from different states of Mexico and are a huge part of the environmental movement:  assisting us by producing our environmentally friendly designs. They are paid a fair price for each piece that they make, which promotes the beauty of handmade products while addressing one of the main causes of environmental deterioration in Mexico - poverty.

Our effort is to insure that all our products may be both eco-friendly and one of a kind.  By doing this, our strive is to pay more attention to the earth and its materials and our role in it. This contributes to viable solutions for many of the challenges that we are presently facing, such as: preserving resources and species, pollution and employment.  It also facilitates better health and quality of life, rather than the deterioration of the environment.

Bio-Imaginarte uses only the recycled materials we collect: such as pop tops from soda cans, inner tube from used tires, discarded plastic from billboards, candy wrappers and soda cans.  Through our work, we express not only our intent of preservation, but the love of the earth and our culture.


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