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The artisans of Tecalpulco, Mexico have long been known for their silver and abalone jewelry.

Artesanas Campesinas (or rural female artisans), is a women-owned cooperative that continues this tradition. The group constantly introduces new methods, materials, and machinery to compete in the highly competitive jewelry market, even surviving a collapse in the marketability of their pieces in the 1990s after jewelry from other countries flooded the US market.

The artisans have become business women, understanding the importance of customer service, quality, and design. Their product range includes semi-precious stones, shells, and even tiny flowers captured in resin. Each piece is accentuated by silver alloys or precious metals, and represents the tradition of fine Mexican jewelry.

Artisana Activities and Programs

Hospital Project

Six days a week, we work at handcraft jewelry production in order to provide for the basic minimum requirements for ourselves, and for our loved ones. Although we are poor, in 2001, we found the resources to organize the donation of modern opfthalmic surgery center worth US$15,000 to our local public Hospital. Artcamp’s public-service effort was acknowledged by the Guerrero State Secretary of Health at a public ceremony at Taxco’s Adolfo Prieto Hospital in May 2002.

Language Learning and Indigenous Literature Projects

We have experimented with and practiced various language learning methods using translations of Leonardo d’Vinci notebooks original Italian and English into our native Spanish and we developed a way to use the Typing Tutor program to train ourselves to spell the words correctly and to acquire meaningful vocabulary by programming in English language passages we study and beforehand.memorize. We even have some literary projects that go back over more than 20 years, these are stories we wrote that were then translated into the English language.

Water Project

In collaboration with the village water commission, Artcamp has been working to help identify effective ways to address the need for clean water in Tecalpulco. By providing formal project planning and contacting resources via the internet, Artcamp has been able to identify valuable resources to address the critical need. 

Longer Term Hopes and Plans

The most notable accomplishment of Artcamp to date is that it has survived; that Artcamp still exists as an initiative, in spite of unending economic duress.

  • We hope to make Artcamp a big success, like Tecalpulco was once before; - the last time Tecalpulco had success, hundreds of people were employed.
  • We would like to be able to purchase the property where we are renting; we would like to be able to renovate our casting equipment; we’d like to install gold plating.
  • We hope to establish full time Design Development center to stay with fashion to make sure that we have the skill and quickness to respond to the new trends.
  • Our ability to make original models and molds is the core of the value we hold; our profits on production will be enough to finance a well-equipped workshop.
  • We think we are good enough to be fashion generators and we want to be models of success for other Mexican women, that is really what we really want above all.
  • Our hope is to make available to women in our country, the tools of our success and an example of how women can be successful; not only wait around for others.

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