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After 8 years of trading, we have now closed. We have had fun over the years, sourcing interesting, fairly-produced goodies, and bringing them to New Zealand for you to share. We have enjoyed being able to support artisans and their families in developing countries, together with our NZ charity partners.
However, Covid has changed things for everyone, and we now find we are unable to continue trading. In the last 2 years it has been difficult to purchase goods of acceptable quality and receive them in a timely manner, difficult (near impossible during lockdowns) to arrange shipping and manage the huge price increases, just to get goods to NZ.

Loyal Trustees

  • Michael Brian Simpson
  • Joanne Levare Simpson
  • Paul Douglas Christian


All our work for Loyal is voluntary.

There are no paid employees.

Michael and Joanne Simpson are the founding trustees of Loyal.

Michael sold a successful business he partially owned and operated for more than 25 years in 2009 and we set aside proceeds from the sale to support established aid organizations working with the poor and oppressed.

In 2012 Michael retired from work and we set about a feasibility study for a not for profit business to benefit the poor and oppressed.

We established the Loyal Charitable Trust in November 2013 and started “Loyal” a not for profit business operating from our home in Silverdale Auckland.

  • Incorporation number 2593101,
  • Charities Commission Registration CC50069

Mission Statement


To raise awareness and encourage participation in funding aid / charity organizations, working with the poor and oppressed.

We buy artisan hand crafted products from economically disadvantaged producers in poor and developing countries based on the principles of fair trade.  

We sell these unique products to the New Zealand public through our online store.

We distribute all profits to beneficiary charities registered with Loyal in accordance with our Loyalty program. (Read more...What is Loyal?)

We encourage customer interest in the lives of the poor and oppressed by:

  • information provided on our website
  • participation in how Loyal profits are allocated to Loyal beneficiary charities.

Charity Partner Endorsements

Blue Light

Loyal is such a fantastic concept and Blue Light is extremely grateful to be a beneficiary. As a charitable organisation we are always looking for ways to fund the various programs we run for young people in New Zealand and each year that gets harder and harder therefore it’s fantastic to be part of the Loyal program whereby consumers can make a difference by purchasing fantastic products whilst at the same time support charitable causes.

Ruth Morse: Marketing & Communications Manager

Orphans Aid International

We love the work of Loyal! The name fits so well what Loyal is all about, support and caring. As a recipient charity, we want to say thank you to Loyal and the wonderful compassionate people behind this great new venture. We know many children will be helped through this initiative and commend Loyal to you as a practical way that you can assist those in poverty. Well done Loyal for assisting so many in very practical ways. We look forward to sharing successes of your loyalty through this venture.

Sue van Schreven: Co-Founder & CEO


One of the best ways to partner with the poor is to buy their products. Loyal provides a wonderful platform to do that, while ensuring no one, and nothing, gets exploited along the way. It’s ethical, it's sustainable, it's dignified and it's simply good development. It supports the poor in their own enterprise and makes us all a little more connected. Well done Loyal!

Ian McInnes: CEO Tearfund