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Every time you purchase our fairly traded products from Loyal, you are awarded the profit in terms of Loyal dollars.  To keep things simple and transparent, one   Loyal dollar = one NZ$.

Customers accrue their Loyal dollars and can spend them on gifts and projects run by the charity organisations registered with Loyal. Read more... Partner Charities


Although you can purchase goods from the Loyal store and checkout as guest, you need to register as a member of Loyal to earn Loyal Dollars.  Membership is free and the registration is easy, and will simplify your future checkout experience by not having to re-enter your details.

At Loyal we encourage our members to form groups to pool their Loyal dollars. This enables the Loyal dollars to quickly accumulate, ready for redemption. Group suggestions include: extended family, work colleagues, church small groups, sports teams, etc... whoever you hang-out with.

After registration your membership defaults to Individual membership. From the My Account page you can choose one of the following options:

  • Create a Loyal Group
  • Request to join an existing Loyal group

Changing Groups

You can change your Loyal membership between individual group memberships at any time, but note if you leave a group, the Loyal dollars you have earned to date, remain in the group in which they were earned. Your Loyal dollars earning history and gifting history data to date will remain in your old group.  You will start afresh.  If you are an individual member or the last (sole) member of a group, you Loyal dollar balance will transfer into the new group as a single entry. 

Create a new Loyal group

Creating a group is a great way to help Loyal grow its membership. 

You create a new loyal group with your group name and optional image (photo / logo).

You can invite other members to join your group and together you accrue loyalty dollars in a group pool.

New group members can (optionally) be granted:

  • Redemption rights meaning they can decide when to redeem loyalty dollars on different  aid organization projects registered with Loyal.
  • Admin rights meaning they can also accept new members who request to joining the group.

Request to join an existing Loyal group

You can enter the name of the existing loyal group, or the name of someone in the group, that you wish to join. 

Admin members of that group are notified of your membership request.

Your membership status remains as pending until you are accepted into the group by an existing admin member, but you can immediately start purchasing products from the loyal store and accruing your loyalty dollars into the group.

 Individual Membership:

You accrue your own loyalty dollars and decide when to redeem them and on which aid organization projects.


Earning Loyal Dollars

When you purchase products from Loyal, you earn Loyal dollars.  The value of Loyal dollars earned are clearly displayed for each product alongside the buy price.

An email is sent confirming your purchase and provides a link to view your or your group’s  Loyal dollars earning history.  This can also be viewed from the main menu My Account | View your Loyal dollars history as shown below.


If a product is returned, for a refund, a negative entry will recorded.

Redeeming Loyal dollars on charity gifts

When you have earned enough Loyal dollars, you can redeem them on gifts and projects run by the Loyal charity beneficiaries.  To redeem your Loyal dollars, click Redeem Gift from the main menu and you will be led through the gifting process.

Note: If you are a group member, you must have group redemption rights.

 An email is sent to you and all your group members confirming your Loyal Dollars gift and provides a link to view your or your group’s  Loyal charity gifting history.  This can be viewed from the main menu My Account | View your charity gifting history  as shown below.


Group Stories

Group members can elect to have their group configured as Published or remain private.  Individual members are always private.

Groups configured as Published will be listed on our Group Stories pages.

The following information will be published for a group.

  • Group, name
  • Group  description
  • Group  optional image (if uploaded)
  • Group Loyal Dollars current balance
  • A list of the group gifting history including: date, charity name, item gifted, Loyal dollars value.

We will also publish any articles or news information about your group which you send to us.

The idea is to be encouraged by what your group has achieved and to encourage other groups who know yours.