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After 8 years of trading, we have now closed. We have had fun over the years, sourcing interesting, fairly-produced goodies, and bringing them to New Zealand for you to share. We have enjoyed being able to support artisans and their families in developing countries, together with our NZ charity partners.
However, Covid has changed things for everyone, and we now find we are unable to continue trading. In the last 2 years it has been difficult to purchase goods of acceptable quality and receive them in a timely manner, difficult (near impossible during lockdowns) to arrange shipping and manage the huge price increases, just to get goods to NZ.


When you buy fair trade goods from Loyal, you decide where the profits go.


Buy our Fair Trade products from around the world.

These unique products are handcrafted by economically disadvantaged producers from poor and developing countries and make fantastic gifts.


Keep the profits in the form of Loyal Dollars

To keep things simple and transparent:

one NZ$ = one Loyal dollar.


Spend your Loyal dollars with our partner charities

Select gifts from the various projects, aid organizations and charities registered with Loyal.

Read more about Loyal

What is Fair Trade?

The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO)

...has created ten principles that Fair Trade Organisations must follow in their day-to-day work, and carries out monitoring to ensure these principles are maintained. These principles include:

  • Payment of a Fair Price
  • Child Labour Welfare
  • Working Conditions

The WFTO Principles of Fair Trade

This helps:

  • prevent human trafficking
  • people rebuild their lives
  • the vulnerable & marginalized
  • in caring for widows and orphans
  • supporting cultural craft heritage

It’s ethical, it's sustainable, it's dignified and it's simply good development. It supports the poor in their own enterprise and makes us all a little more connected.

Quality unique products from around the world

Here is a sample of some unique products made by artisans from around the world.

GHH Wooden Toys

Old school tools made from sustainably harvested solid wooden timber and finished with non-toxic dyes, glues and paints that are lead and AZO free.  Read more about GHH Woodbrix and their local community.

Browse GHH Wooden Toys collection

Craftworks Cambodia

Exquisite jewelry crafted from bombshell casings left over from the brutal Khmer Rouge regime conflict.  Read more about Craftworks Cambodia and their local community.

Browse our Bomb-case Jewelry collection

Mongolian Felt Slippers

So warm and comfortable, these hand made slippers are made in Mongolia from felted wool.   Read more about Nooson Zangilaa Cooperative Union - Mongolia

Browse our Felt Slipper collection

Haitian Metal Art

Intricate art hand crafted in Haiti from discarded Oil drums.  Read more about how Haitian Metal Art is made.  View a slide show of the handcraft process and watch a video. 

Browse our Haitian Metal Art collection

Our loyalty program with a difference

Every time you purchase fair trade products from Loyal, you are awarded the profit by way of Loyal dollars.  The value of Loyal dollars earned are clearly displayed for each product alongside the buy price.  To keep things simple and transparent, one NZ$ = one   Loyal dollar.

Customers accrue their Loyal dollars and can spend them on gifts and projects run by the charity organisations registered with Loyal.

At Loyal we encourage our members to form groups to pool their Loyal dollars. It's more fun, and the Loyal dollars quickly accumulate ready for redemption. Loyal groups can elect to have their group configured as Published or remain private.

Check out our Published Groups


When you have earned enough Loyal dollars, you can redeem them on gifts and projects run by the Loyal charity partners. Gifts include:

  • Rescue & Rehab from human Trafficking
  • Fresh Water Supply
  • Vaccination for a child
  • Newborn Care within slums
  • Supporting an Orphanage
  • Medical Help
  • Feeding a child
  • Sending a Kiwi kid to a Life Skills Camp
  • Rainbows End Fun Day for a Kiwi kid

View Full List

Loyal charity partners

Blue Light Trust is a youth charity which has worked in partnership with the New Zealand police & community for over 30 years with the aim of preventing young people becoming a victim or perpetrator of crime.

Read more about Blue Light

Orphans Aid International is a New Zealand humanitarian organisation which has projects caring for orphans around the world. Join us to see the abandoned rescued… one child at a time.

Read more about Orphans Aid International

Tearfund partner with local community organisations around the world to help provide local solutions to poverty and the challenges they face, to bring about real change in the lives of people most in need. 

Read more about Tearfund

Who is Loyal?

The Loyal Charitable Trust was registered in November 2013 and "Loyal” a not for profit business started trading in June 2014.

  • Incorporation number 2593101,
  • Charities Commission Registration CC50069

Loyal operates from our home office in Silverdale Auckland.

All work is voluntary, there are no paid employees.

Meet the Loyal Trustees

Read our Mission Statement

Read our Charity partner endorsements

So join up now and get involved!

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